Internet Privacy
and Security

A VPN service that encrypts and secures your online activity, preventing your internet service provider and hackers from monitoring your web activity.

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Advanced Encryption

Our service is based on WireGuard®, a modern, ultra fast and secure VPN protocol that outperforms older protocols.

Ad Blocker

We run a privately hosted ad blocking system that blocks almost all online adverts.

Threat Protection

We run a privately hosted threat protection system that blocks known malware and tracker hosts.

No Logs Policy

We have a strict no logs policy and do not store any IP or DNS related data that could connect you to your online activity.

Global Network

We have a large network of 10Gbps and 1Gbps servers spread across many countries and cities.

Advanced Encryption

IP Safe VPN uses the latest VPN protocols to deliver excellent security and performance. WireGuard® is well known for its speed and efficiency without sacrificing security. Its modern cryptographic protocols provide robust protection for your online activities while sustaining lightning-fast connection speeds.

When you access our server network, your online activity is safeguarded by the industry’s highest security standards.

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Ad Blocker

Enjoy a faster, more secure, and ad-free internet experience with our powerful built-in ad blocker. Our advanced technology eliminates virtually all intrusive ads, pop-ups, and banners, giving you uninterrupted, seamless browsing.

Beyond just improving page load times and reducing data usage, our ad blocker also enhances your online privacy by blocking the tracking scripts that advertisers use to monitor your behavior. Say goodbye to annoying ads and hello to a smooth, ad-free browsing experience.


Get Access to Content from All over the World

Access global content by masking your IP with one from another country. Websites you access will see your virtual location as the VPN server’s, granting entry to region-restricted content. This enables you to enjoy a wider range of streaming, services, and websites while preserving your online privacy with encryption.

Threat Protection

IP Safe VPN’s advanced threat protection safeguards your online experience by proactively blocking access to known malware and trackers. By identifying and barring malicious websites, our system prevents harmful content from reaching your device, protecting your data and privacy. This approach not only shields you from threats, but also enhances your browsing speed by eliminating unwanted content.


No Logs Policy

IP Safe VPN is committed to safeguarding your privacy with a strict no logs policy. When connected to our VPN, we never record or monitor your browsing history, internet traffic, DNS queries, IP addresses, or session details. We prioritize complete transparency and accountability, ensuring your digital activity remain confidential and secure.

Global Server Network​

IP Safe VPN offers a global network of high-speed 1Gbps and 10Gbps servers, ensuring fast, stable connections worldwide. These strategically placed servers deliver low latency and optimal performance for streaming, gaming, and secure browsing, enhancing privacy and bypassing geo-restrictions effortlessly.

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